Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where Aren't They Now: 35

Tam's favorite article of clothing is her pair of "paint pants." She has worn the same pair of jeans to every stage crew meeting she has attended since 9th grade.

Much of the paint was accidental-- there's no way to completely avoid getting paint on yourself when you're as involved in stage crew as Tam is-- but over the years a few of her friends have left their marks. There are hand prints, quick cartoons, and layers of colorful and contradictory (Name) ♥'s (Name).

This year Tam will wear her paint pants in her first home. High school is far behind her and most of the names on her legs are people she no longer speaks to. Still she wears her memories... and accidentally splatters new ones from time to time.


Ambrosia said...

I love this!!! My favorite so far!

Eebs said...

:D I remember stage crew. I didn't do much of it-- I was usually in the cast-- but that stuff was so fun.

Ambrosia said...

I did tons of stage crew and it was so much fun! I have a pair of jeans that sound just like these!!! I think they're somewhere in my basement :-)