Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where Aren't They Now: 54

Farrah fell in love with her high school mascot.

It began when her friends dragged her to a basketball game: her school's Matadors versus the Summit High Eagle Eyes. Farrah had no interest in sports, but couldn't take her eyes off Toro as he clowned around the arena.

Later she began making excuses to attend the games. Her friends were often willing to go to basketball and football games with her, but showed much more resistance when Farrah began to travel with the team for a chance to rub elbows with Toro.

She felt a great kinship with the bull. He was strong and clever, like herself-- but outcast. A man apart. She understood how that felt.

Farrah never shared this secret with anyone, least of all the man in the bull costume.

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