Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where Aren't They Now: 61

Chaz wrote and produced his high school's fall stage production this year: X-Men the Musical.

To tell you the truth, Chaz wasn't interested in theater at all before he had the idea to write X-Men. However, after seeing James Marsden's interpretation of Cyclops, Chaz knew his life had been leading up to this point.

Chaz studied like he'd never studied before, pouring over musicals to better understand the mechanics. He spent his entire junior year working and reworking his script, and the summer before his final year he put the finishing touches on it and sent his proposal to the school administration. They were ecstatic.

X-Men the Musical opens in March. In addition to his writer/producer credits, Chaz will also be headlining as Scott Summers/"Cyclops."

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