Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where Aren't They Now: 15

For a couple of years now, Andrew has been having a recurring dream. Actually, it's more of a recurring dream element-- the dream itself changes, but not the device of an escalator.

The escalator has manifested itself in five different ways in Andrew's dreams:
1. An escalator with no side rails.
2. An escalator which does not go straight up or down, but rises and falls in hills, almost.
3. An escalator moving at incredible speed.
4. An escalator with no set landing points, so that riders must jump off between floors.
5. Some combination of 1-4.

Andrew tries not to take much stock in dreams, but this escalator (or series of escalators) pops up frequently enough that Andrew sought out a therapist's opinion. The therapist believes that the device speaks to a control issue in Andrew's life: each form of the escalator forces Andrew to balance, almost surfing precariously on the stairs, with nothing to hold onto and no control over where he's headed.

After taking a good look in the mirror, Andrew has been able to limit the occurrence of the escalator, though it still makes an appearance from time to time.

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