Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where Aren't They Now: 21

Most "goths" manifest in late middle school/early high school. Mary Anne ("Aryan," as she called herself as early as in the 6th grade), on the other hand, developed a taste of the trendy occult before most of her classmates learned to count to ten.

Mary Anne/Aryan is pictured here with a hint of her fangs, filed into her teeth at great expense. She was one to scoff at the fair weather goth-types who put more emphasis on the sleek slickness of their hair than in any passion for the dark arts or core black rituals.

In high school she was encouraged to put her knowledge and passion to good use by forming an after-school activity, which casually became known as the "Blood Club." The group was well-attended and raised record-setting amounts of money for school fundraisers.


feffer said...

I knew a girl named Arienne in high school, pronounced just like "Aryan". I always wondered what her parents were thinking.

Eebs said...

Ew, weirdness! I've never met anyone actually named Aryan/Arienne...