Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where Aren't They Now: 56

Theresa has Attention Surplus Disorder.

In case ASD isn't self-explanatory, it is characterized by paying too much attention to what is going on. A hyper-focus, if you will. Theresa is a passionate student with a complete inability to tune out.

It's a blessing and a curse. Often Theresa wishes she could simply daydream... drift off into an unfocused mental meandering. She would love to be able to look out the window without assessing the landscape, analyzing the birdsong, calculating the temperature.

In the words of a legendary comedian, "There's gotta be more to that story."


Ryan said...

Am I the only one who thinks this girl looks like Jake Gyllenhaal?

Eebs said...

THANK you! I've been trying to put my finger on that since SUNDAY!!

luckeyfrog said...

She really does. Creepy.