Friday, October 24, 2008

Bonus post: my end of the bargain

Did I really think I'd get ten comments? No. Am I pleased as punch that I did? Absolutely.

Thanks to Ryan, Taylor, Kristin, Jane2, Luckeyfrog, Elaineskeldon, Yvette, Redheadedreader, Meggorie and Ambrosia, I now have to cough up some yearbook pictures.

I've decided to show you two instead of just the one, because the first one's a bit dull. It is, however, the picture that I alluded to when I mentioned the Forehead Hair Tube™.

The second is the photo from my 5th grade yearbook. Ambrosia specifically requested a younger one, but I'm saving the 6th and 7th grades.

Do I even need to point out the blue lines and the star sticker? Just in case I forgot who I was, I guess. Helpful for amnesia and all that.

Let me share some epistles from my 5th grade yearbook, in lieu of a story.

"God made rivers
God made lakes
God made Erica
Well, we all make mistake"
--Erica Ellington

And Always"
--Kristina Helton

To my writer! You keep it up next year!"
--Mrs. Canter
(Oh my god. Didn't expect to find that one.)

"Remember the friend in the city
Remember the friend in the town
Remember the friend that came to school
and ruined your book by signing around and around"
--Amber Warman

"Have a nice summer you dork. Ha, ha sucker! (Just a joke.)"
--Krystan Slick

"Some sign on foots
Some sign on backs
But I signed on the crack"
--Jessica Hinson

"Erica, You are already for the 6th grade! I know you will enjoy it! Keep up the great writing, you are so talented. Remember me when you are famous!"
--Mrs. Emery
(Crap. I'd better hurry up and become something.)


redheadedreader said...

This post has made me want to go find the early yearbooks to see what was written.

I have recently found a reader's journal an elementary teacher gave me. None of it is filled out.

I feel horrible about that... especially given my home library.

Ambrosia said...

I used to LOVE the "hair tube"! That was awesome back then! You can use mine if you want to...I give you permission. The one from 6th grade where I look like a boy would make a good story!

Eebs said...

@redheadedreader: I know that guilty feeling. It isn't too late to start it now, you know. Inspiration strikes at all kinds of times.

@ambrosia: I'm trying to use people that I don't know... almost as a rule for this blog. It's harder to write characters when you already know the people in the picture, plus I don't want to piss anyone off. ;) But thank you, and I might still take you up on borrowing your mom's old yearbooks!

Ambrosia said...

Alright, but if you get writer's block you have permission. I'll get mom's tonight when I go over if you want to stop by sometime this week and get them.

Meggorie said...

So are you and Kristina Helton still friends for ever? Just curious...

Eebs said...

Haha... it would appear not.