Monday, October 20, 2008

Where Aren't They Now: 3

Sharla-Ann was every bit as popular as you might imagine. Plus she was the only Sharla-Ann in her hometown-- in the whole state, as far as she knew.

Sharla-Ann never had much luck with boys, however. Her parents always encouraged her to go out, paint the town red, but she rarely found the boys at school to be very stimulating.

After years of casual, unsatisfied dating, Sharla-Ann answered a personal ad out of the paper. The man sounded interesting enough, and was very complimentary about the photo she'd mailed him.

It was love at first sight-- as it turned out he had a major hair fetish (that is, a fetish for major hair) and she fit right into his Hell's Angels lifestyle.


Meggorie said...

I knew it would be good from the moment I read the name Sharla-Ann.

Judy-Judy-Judy said...

OMG. I'm pretty sure I went to elementary school with Sharla-Ann's cousin Flora-May. Hair was similar, but Flora-May had stove-pipe curls all around her head. Years later, Flora-May married Sharla-Ann's ex (after the divorce). They're divorced now. But I've heard Flora-May and Sharla-Ann have identical tattoos.

Eebs said...

@Meggorie: Thank you!

@Judy: Ha! I love the phrase "stove-pipe curls." I ought to do some homework about old hairstyle terms... my vocab is lacking in that respect. Thank you for the build! I was hoping that would start to happen though I didn't anticipate it so soon!