Saturday, October 18, 2008

Where Aren't They Now: 1

Denise had always hated her name for as long as she could remember. It sounded like a spice, and not a pleasant one; no, denise would be toward the back of the rack with a thin film of dust along the top.

In 8th grade Denise begged her parents to let her change her name, but they refused. (She was named, after all, for a beloved aunt who died before she was born.) Denise spent much of 8th grade preparing for her transition to high school, when she believed she could have a fresh start.

She poured over baby books, soaking up the names and balancing each in turn on her tongue. Eventually she decided on a name from the family Bible.

Jezebel still lives and works in Madison, WI.


Meggorie said...

Thank you for this. I'm already looking forward to more. I might even send you some scans of yearbooks that I have.

Eebs said...

Yea! First comment!

I'm working on a few for the coming days... no promises this will last long, but I'm really interested in character work and this is fun for me.

Pegasus said...

I have no idea when or why I signed up for PLAXO (as opposed to say, Facebook or LinkedIn which I do know why I joined. So, I'm finding these videos and blogs to be serendipitous and entertaining. Keep going!

Eebs said...

Thanks Pegasus! :D