Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where Aren't They Now: 9

By the time Theo was 30, he had broken up with 28 women. Most, as simple math might indicate, were short-term relationships. Some women cried, many were completely surprised, and none of them speak to him today... but for Theo this is the daily grind.

Theo researches the fine art of the breakup. It began as a casual joke between friends at a bar and ended up becoming Theo's graduate thesis. He studies, as objectively as possible, the nuances of a breakup: the ducking and weaving, the unbridled emotion, the way old arguments tend to bubble up unbidden.

Each time he attempts to take a different stance, a new approach. The environment matters. The time of day matters. The wording-- by far his favorite part and where he spends most of hours-- is crucial.

There has recently been some push in the department for Theo to broaden his subject matter, as so far all subjects have been women.