Monday, October 27, 2008

Where Aren't They Now: 8

It wasn't until Cameron was 10 years old that she realized she saw things differently than other people. For the first ten years of her life, she assumed that every person saw a thin ring of color surrounding other people, a ring that shifted depending on mood and personality.

It was how she learned to read people, and she was very good at it. When its all spelled out in the aura, you can be sure who to avoid, who needs your attention, who is aching. You can be the one to fill the need they might not even realize they had. But when she was 10 and old enough to notice the simple traps other people walked into, she began to realize that she had a certain gift.

And a gift it always was. Her family was supportive and never treated her as any kind of freak. She had a psychologist for a while, but eventually he came to the conclusion that it was less a delusion and more an odd wiring of the brain. As long as Cameron wasn't acting ill-adjusted or unstable, he recommended they see where it took her.

Cameron managed to live a normal life and mostly kept the auras to herself. Her friends knew her to be sympathetic and sensitive, but being near-sighted as people tend to be, they never guessed anything more.

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